We have a professional team of personnel working with our company and mandated to instal and service C’treat products in Nigeria.

As an authorized distributor. We supply products such as Offshore Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Water market, UV Disinfection Systems, and Custom Water Systems for the offshore energy industry. With hundreds of systems around the world, we provide relaible and economical supplies of fresh water for any offshore application. Our desalination systems use proven technology and components that have been demonstrated in the field for many years. The equipment is simple to maintain offshore and operates relaibly.

Shomas Supply and Logistics Nig. Limited do not only engage in sales of water makers but is trained and equipped to provide additional support to its customers through highly trained technicians who provide training for offshore personnel problem-solving, maintenance and repair assistance.

We also stock OEM parts and consumable. We have stocked industrial equipment and material in our warehouses; From valves to fittings, anodes, bend, flanges and pipes. Our OEM product lists as follows:


Welding Kits
Reverse Osmosis machines
Air Compressors
Line Pipes
Insulations Kits
Flanges Bolting Sets
Pioneer Pumps
Sealing Products
Other General Machines